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Do you feel tense professionally or private? Do you want to live a life where you play the main role and have time for yourself, as a mother and working woman? I am happy to help you transform your life to live your dreams.

The travel to you 

Mother- & Womanhood – Special Coaching

After working with me you have clarity about your dream life to life your best version!

You get from me:

  • 10 live online Yoga & Meditation coaching over Zoom
  • Yoga & mindfulness-worksheets & videos
  • Access to all my upcoming webinars
  • Access to private my VIP-Facebook group
  • Your results to be expected: you are living in your dream life and you know how you stay on your hearts path way

My target group: You are tired to not feel well in your own body, feeling overwhelmed, dependent and in the family dispute? You dream as highly sensitive mom or working woman of a life according to your needs? You have almost no idea how to begin, because you feel lost?

My coaching program: Is for spiritual Yoga-loving women and mothers that want to take their power back. You get started with your own dream life. We go on with my intuitive and curative Yoga. You are not alone – we are a team!

Your Transformation: At the end you have your ideal practice of yoga and first paradisiacal experiences with your environment! With me you will learn a yoga for daily life. I have created the coaching program for you if you have the will to transform now!

What I can-you can do it too: I transformed my life with yoga and live my dream life with my soul mate. Even if I am a divorce child got very ill, have experienced many traumas in my childhood I had the clear vision I will be my best version as an adult. I am full of peace and love about my past and love my family. I am a fourfold active aunt, registered nurse and yoga therapist. My experience is very wide from newborn, to helping in life crises up to supporting to have the best while dying. Consequently I could do many experiences to know what really matters in life. With me you can get out of the crisis into your new magical life. I get many customer feedback that have also found back to their strength. Let me show you how you can say yes from your heart again, let me guide you to your better life with a lot of health and happiness. You know what you can create, but you don’t know where to start? You want to have a loving and attentive support from me now? Then you are exactly right here!

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Essential guidelines to my philosophy and movement work:

Priya Yoga – Dance your Life = Be loved and connected while creating your smooth life

Experience health promotion, joy, light and clarity with yoga, sounds, mindfulness movements and touch. Priya Yoga offers are studies proven, they support the healing process of body, spirit and soul.

I do intuitive and personality yoga, to awaken the individual awareness and to put the practical knowledge of yoga in everyday life. This consciousness work will help you to have time to do what you love, in abundance and to live your best version.

Ayur-Yoga by Remo Rittiner: In individual or group lessons you will already feel from the first exercise the healing effect of yoga. We practice among other things asanas, where you learn to solve your tensions. On request you will get nutritional advice against digestive issues and for more energy and much more. My offer is rounded by meditation, mantras and spiritual energy work. It helps during pregnancy, dorsal, lumbar issues, neck-, headache, and muscle- and joint pains, tensions, sleepless, exhaustion (Burnout), restlessness, fear, depressive disorders and stress.

Yoga-Nidra by Barbara Kuendig: Yoga-Nidra is the sleep of the yogis. It is the pearl of deep relaxation. It is suitable for all people, even in special situations of life. With this meditation you can come in the Theta state and therefore have access to intuitive knowledge and creativity. Thanks to yoga-nidra you can catch up around 4 hours of sleep and it is effective in states of: exhaustion, pain, premenstrual issues, Burnout, pregnancy complaints, sleep disorders, migraine, jet lag, family growth and more.

Pregnancy-Yoga by Barbara Kuendig: During pregnancy and after birth yoga is to meet the needs of the mother and child. This prevents pregnancy complaints and strengthens the healthy development of the whole family. You learn effective techniques such as meditation, mantras, mental birth case, for a relaxing and self-determined birth and family time.

Do you feel addressed, then give yourself a break and follow your heart speak with me:

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Do you want to have more health & happiness?

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