Fall in love with your life!

Do you want to be here for your family and live the life of your dreams? I help you as an overwhelmed, working woman and mother with intuitive Yoga! So that you have time for what is important to you

Do you want to have free inspirations to more health & happiness?

Do you want to …

… have a lasting entry to your yogic and spiritual fulfilled life?

… act in a healing and powerful way, in your calling as a highly sensitive woman & mother?

… have time and create with your intuition from your heart?

Do you want to …

… have support as a young woman, mother and highly sensitive soul?

… have help to create the freedom to live the life of your dreams?

… have long-lasting love and trust in dealing with yourself and the whole family?

Get to know me for your everyday life like in heaven:

Do you want to practice intuitive yoga, learn to stay mindful despite challenging life situations? Would you like to experience more life, health and happiness with you, your family and your professional colleagues? Create your paradise on earth?

– You will learn a profound and intuitive yoga practice to achieve your goals

– You will receive a nutritional coaching for your dream figure, optimal health and more energy

– You get to know essences to be permanently happy with yourself and your loved ones

– You get time-saving techniques for stress relief and emotional balance, so you can do more what you love

– You find deeper connection to your inner and outer child to be more relaxed, happier and more successful in every way of your life


 “Dear Christine, it was a great experience for me, I’ve never done yoga before and I’ve been able to take home some things for my everyday life. Your way of taking care of the problems that many of us have, is just amazing. All the best to you.”

Birgit from Germany


“I recommend the pregnancy yoga with Christine to everybody. She gave me very empathetic and individual lessons, with relaxation exercises and meditations, which was a wonderful mixture. She always wrote the exercises for me, so I could practice on my own. Her joyous and humorous nature rounded everything. I have been able to apply a lot during the birth.

Rebekka from Switzerland & mother of 1 child


“For me, yoga was a wonderful experience. You have remembered me what magical places we have in Majorca and I could appreciate the little things again. Thanks so much for the hours on the beach and in the garden with you. You’re a great teacher! ”

Franziksa from Spain & mother of 2 children


“The morning yoga lessons with Christine during a vital week in Andalusia was a wonderful experience for me. At that time of my life, I was emotionally in a difficult situation. The yoga exercises, the conscious breathing and the encouraging conversations with Christine were significance for me and priceless. Dear Christine, thank you again for your help and your warm heart.”

Simon from Switzerland


“Dear Christine A perfect day, I had ordered sun to experience my first personal Yoga lesson with you in my garden, your gentleness, your clarity, your gently loving being touched me deeply. After a short time I felt like being under a bell. The outside was no longer noticeable to me. I was able to experience the hour very well with so much warmth and energy. I loved the meditation at the beginning and at the end.”

Beate mother of a son from Germany 

Do you want to have more health & happiness?

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